2014. július 31., csütörtök

IBM Mail Next - Design Advisory Program - Open for Nominations! Kramer Reeves


IBM is pleased to announce that nominations are open for qualified companies to participate in the new IBM Design Advisory Program (DAP)
We are looking to form a highly motivated and interested team of individuals who are eager to work closely with the IBM design and development team to review and engage in a dialog about IBM Mail Next design concepts and prototypes during this pre-release phase, under non-disclosure. We will start with about 40 companies participating and plan to grow over time. 
The program will start on June 23, 2014 and run up to the time IBM Mail Next is first made available in SmartCloud and continue through subsequent deliveries and enhancements. Participants will have the right to opt out of participation at anytime by notifying IBM. IBM reserves the right to remove participants from the program for lack of participation and/or unprofessional behavior.

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