2010. augusztus 25., szerda

Megjelent a Lotus Domino/Notes 8.5.2 verziója!

Áttekintés az újdonságokról olvasható ITT

Mivel az ingyenes mobil támogatást nagyon sokan használják jelzem, hogy ITT olvashattok a Lotus Traveler 8.5.2 újdonságairól. Csak az izgalom kedvéért kettőt kiemeltem ide:

Corporate Name Look up for Windows Mobile and Nokia S60 devices
A new application now allows you to search for users in your corporate directory and display information such as phone numbers and email addresses. Once the application finds the user, you can then send them an email, call their phone number or save the user to your local contacts. You can also search your corporate directory while composing a new email and add recipients directly to your new mail message address fields. This functionality was supported only for Apple devices in previous releases.

Scheduled Synchronization for Windows Mobile and Nokia S60 devices
Lotus Notes Traveler users on Windows Mobile® and Nokia S60 devices can now define a sync schedule for peak and off peak times. On the device, open the Lotus Notes Traveler client application and access the settings to create a custom schedule. Setting the device to use a connection mode other than "Always Connected" preserves battery life. The ability to adjust the schedule for different times of day and during the week allows you to improve battery life even further.

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