2010. június 9., szerda

Fontos virtuális események a közeljövőben.

Mindenki számára ajánlom a közeljövő virtuális összejöveteleit. Bocsánat, hogy lusta voltam lefordítani.

Are you ready to drive growth and deliver outstanding business results through Exceptional Web Experiences?  If yes, please join us.

Date: Tuesday, June 22nd,

Time:  11am EST (New York City).

In today's demanding environment, your web presence is often your most important and most visible face to your customers, constituents, distributors, suppliers, and employees.  A compelling engaging Web experience is no longer a nice to have, but critical to compete and grow.  Join Larry Bowden, VP, Portals and Web Experience Software to hear best practices on how to leverage an exceptional Web experience to maximize satisfaction in reaching and servicing your customers and constituents.  We will share what high-performing organizations do to make their Web more additive and deliver dramatic improvement in business performance.  You will hear examples as to how your peers are making the Web work smarter, improving loyalty, growing revenue, streamlining business processes, and improving business agility.  Exceptional Web Experience - exceptional business results.  Join us!

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How are you ensuring that social software is being implemented and deployed in ways that will lead to real business benefits as opposed to information exposures and security threats?  To learn more, please join us.

Date: Wednesday, June 23rd,

Time:  11am EST (New York City).

The way we work is changing rapidly.   Business professionals are using social software tools inside and outside the workplace to connect across organizational boundaries to build dynamic networks, share knowledge, and test ideas. Social software has probably already taken root in your organization.   Join us to learn how you can use IBM Social Software to unify, energize and empower your employees to build professional networks, share ideas and information, and innovate in ways that deliver business results that improve your bottom line.  Join us!

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Do you need a solution that can drive innovation, simplify and improve daily business interactions with customers, partners and colleagues?  To learn more, please join us.

Date: Thursday, June 24th,

Time:  11am EST (New York City).

In today's fast paced world, effective communication and collaboration is critical. Organizations need solutions that can drive innovation, simplify and improve daily business interactions with customers, partners and colleagues. Many are looking to the cloud to find those solutions. Please join Shttps://www.ibm.com/events/wwe/grp/grp004.nsf/enrollall?openform&seminar=CA6D6UES&locale=en_USean Poulley, VP, Collaboration Services, as he discusses how collaboration, communication, content and communities come together naturally in the cloud. Hear how you can easily begin to transform your business regardless of your current environment.

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