2010. január 29., péntek

Lotus Domino és Notes 8.5.2 managed beta

Sok fontos újdonságot rejt majd magában az új verzió, melynek tesztelése megkezdődött. Mindenféle kötelezettségvállalás nélkül jelzek itt néhány olyat a Notes kliensben, amit én nagyon fontosnak tartok és mindjárt nekiálltam tesztelni (Designer, Admin, Server, témakör itt nem kerül szóba)., de a Traveler-t  (mivel szerver és kliens oldalt egyaránt érint) ideveszem Mindenki utólagos jóváhagyásában bízva nem fordítom le ezeket magyarra.

  • If you've ever wished using Mail were free of delays, but don't have the mind space for creating and maintaining a local replica, the new "cached mode" feature might be for you.  When you enable cached mode in Notes, or your Domino administrator sets it for you via a policy (capability not yet implemented), Notes creates a "cache" and then essentially fills it with a local replica of your mail. The next time you open Mail, you'll be using the cache, which will remain synched with the server copy without your doing anything.
  • You can now set a default font for mail you send.
  • You can sort your Inbox by last name, first name.
  • Now you can save e-mails as .eml files.
  • When you create a meeting that repeats daily, monthly by date, or yearly, you can specify what should happen if an instance of the meeting falls on a weekend (for example, you can move it, delete it, or leave the entry on the weekend). In previous versions of Notes, the weekend was always assumed to be Saturday and Sunday.  This causes problems for users whose weekend is something other than Saturday and Sunday.
  • You can view rooms and resources on your calendar, alongside other calendar entries. With this feature, you can also reserve a room or resource from your calendar and see when rooms and resources are already reserved.
  • If the server goes down during any of the following activities, it will fail over to another server automatically without interrupting your activity or showing you error messages:

    Creating a new entry for PIM views (Mail message, calendar entry, or To Do)
    Opening a document in an application
    Opening a different folder or view
    Replying or forwarding with attachment
    Creating a new mail message while multiple documents are selected
    Sending a message
    Switching back to Primary server when it becomes available
  • In the current beta release, Notes can perform several replication or sync operations at a time (i.e., it is multi-threaded).  This feature is enabled by default in the current release

  • The following new features have been added to this version of the Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5.2 Managed Beta release.

    • Support for Meeting Invitations on Apple devices
    • Invitation notices can now be processed on Apple devices.  Users invited to meetings can accept, tentatively accept or decline meeting notices right from their mobile device.  Support is also included for users to be able to create meetings on the device with attendees, and to reschedule, update or cancel  meetings from the Apple device.
    • HTTP/S based push for Windows Mobile and Nokia devices
    • Starting with Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5.2, Windows Mobile and Nokia S60 clients will no longer use the separate TCP connection over port 8642 for push messages.  These messages now use an HTTP or SSL channel (depends on which connection type is configured for your mobile clients).  The Lotus Notes Traveler server will continue to support the older clients which still use the TCP 8642 channel, but if all mobile devices are at the current level, then this feature removes the need to open an additional TCP port in your network firewalls.   This feature also will make it easier to implement a network topology that incorporates a reverse proxy server in front of the Lotus Notes Traveler service.
    • Corporate Name Lookup for Nokia S60 devices
    • Support for searching your corporate directory from a Nokia S60 device is included in this beta version.  A new application now comes with the Lotus Notes Traveler client which allows you to search for users in your corporate directory display information such as phone numbers and email addresses.  Once the application finds the user, you can then use the application to create an email to this user, call their phone number or save this user to your local contacts.
    • This feature is available now for Nokia S60 devices and will be included for Windows Mobile devices in a future beta drop.  A future beta drop will also include the ability to search for a user's email address in the corporate directory while composing an email.
    • Automatic Lotus Notes Traveler client updates for Nokia S60 devices
    • A new installer application called Lotus Installer is now used to install the Lotus Notes Traveler client software and it can be configured to periodically check with the server for any updates to the client software.  If updates are detected, the device user is prompted to download and install the latest updates.  This feature is available now for Nokia S60 devices and will be included for Windows Mobile devices in a future beta drop.
    • Scheduled Synchronization for Nokia S60 devices
    • Lotus Notes Traveler users on Windows Mobile and Nokia S60 devices can now define a synchronization schedule for peak and off peak work times.  On the device, open the Lotus Notes Traveler client application and access the settings to create a custom schedule.  Setting the device to use a connection mode other than "Always Connected" will save battery, and being able to adjust the schedule for different times of day and during the week allows you to improve battery life even further.  This feature is available now for Nokia S60 devices and will be included for Windows Mobile devices in a future beta drop.
    • Data Roaming detection
    • Lotus Notes Traveler for Windows Mobile and Nokia S60 devices now detects if your device is roaming on a data network.  If Lotus Notes Traveler data roaming is disabled, then when this state is detected, Lotus Traveler will disconnect from the Lotus Traveler server and will discontinue any predefined synchronization schedule while in this condition.  There is a new preference which can be set to enable  automatic synchronization while data roaming, but by default this setting is disabled.  Manual synchronization is still allowed, but you will be presented with a warning to confirm your request.
    • Support for Windows Mobile 6.5 mobile devices
    • New Windows Mobile phones are now officially supported by Lotus Notes Traveler.
    Note:  The Lotus Notes Traveler client for Windows Mobile 5 devices is no longer included in the Lotus Notes Traveler client.  The Lotus Traveler version 8.5.2 server still supports all previous releases of Lotus Notes Traveler clients, including those running on Windows Mobile 5, but new features are no longer being added to that code level and that client can be obtained through the Lotus Notes Traveler version 8.5.1 offering.

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