2009. december 17., csütörtök

Az IBM bejelentette a Sametime 8.5 verziót

2009. december 15-én az IBM hivatalosan is bejelentette a Sametime 8.5 verziót. A bejelentés szerint a Sametime Entry és Standard verziók 2009. december 22-től lesznek elérhetők az ügyfelek és partnerek számára. Néhány újdonság:
  • A new online meeting experience that is integrated into the IBM Lotus Sametime Connect client. Join a meeting with a single click. Easily invite others by dragging their names from the contact list. Accept meeting invitations with a single click. Upload meeting materials via simple drag and drop.
  • New zero-download, browser-based chat and meeting clients that extend the desktop experience to wherever the user is working.
  • A new standards-based audio and video infrastructure that enables interoperability with third party audio and video conferencing systems.
  • New audio and video codecs that provide higher quality native voice and video services for a more compelling collaborative experience out-of-the-box.
  • New Web 2.0 APIs that let developers embed Sametime capabilities into Web sites and applications so users switch context less.
  • A new, browser-based Apple iPhone chat client, support for the Blackberry Storm, and an improved mobile client for Microsoft® Windows® Mobile devices.
  • New social views that make it easier to find the people you collaborate with the most.
  • A new System Console that centralizes infrastructure configuration, deployment, management, and policy management for all Sametime services.
  • New upgrade options if you have basic Sametime services from other IBM offerings.

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