2008. november 18., kedd

Új házirendek a Domino/Notes 8.5 -ben

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Dynamic policy assignment is a new option for assigning explicit policies that allows administrators to assign policy settings to individual users and groups simply by specifying the appropriate user or group name in a policy document. As the organization changes, only the Group document needs to be updated. For example, if a user changes jobs or organizations, you do not need to determine which policies need updating; the updated group information is applied the next time the effective policy is calculated for any users in that group.
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A new Roaming policy page has been added in support of the file server roaming and Domino server roaming user functionality introduced in this release for Lotus Notes users (Notes Standard Client configuration only). A Domino 8.5 server is required to see and use the new policy page, and the new roaming functionality
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